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The Dead Sea basin is the lowest terrestrial site on Earth, approximately 424 m below mean sea level, and is located at about 30°N latitude, within the latitude range with the highest incident solar irradiation intensity. Consequently, it possess some very unique and beneficial climatic features, such as:

  • about 330 sunny days annually,
  • high barometric pressure, i.e., around 5% greater in the winter and more than 3% during the summer, relative to the that at sea level as a result of it being the lowest terrestrial site on Earth,
  • a higher density of air than any other terrestrial site on the earth as a result of its high barometric pressure, viz., more oxygen molecules per unit volume
  • the erythema irradiation (the lowest wavelengths within the UVB irradiation range, that causes sunburn and other deleterious effects such as skin cancer), is attenuated by selective filtration as a result of the relatively longer optical path length the solar rays must traverse to reach the lowest terrestrial site on Earth
  • both the UVB and UVA irradiation are attenuated as a result of the selective filtration; the degree of attenuation is greatest during the summer and smallest in the winter
  • salinity of the Dead Sea water is 10x that of sea water; having a salt concentration of 345g
  • Dead Sea basin mud contains a high concentration of minerals
  • air at the Dead Sea basin has a relatively high concentration of aerosols containing mineral.